Animated Music Video

Animated music videos have been around for decades now. People love animated music videos because with animation, you can tell stories in ways that would be impossible to tell in real-life (without 100k special fx). The downside to animation is it involves a lot of work especially if we’re talking 2-D animation but, in the end, the results are so worth it.

With this service, we can either use a pre-existing script or we can write a fresh screenplay (please checkout our screenplay services) from the ground-up for your next big hit. We have different packages available for this service or we can combine it with other services such as Synopsis (with tagline), Graphic Design (for cover art or visual aid) or a shooting script if needed. Our animators are top notch and have worked with different studios in the past with over 20 years of experience. 

Each member at P&M is dedicated to making your music video an amazing experience but please be aware that this service is for SERIOUS artists only! 

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