Let’s DJ!

Here’s a few of the DJs and taste makers we’ve had the pleasure of working with across various projects. For those that don’t know, DJs are the life-blood of the industry. Without amazing DJs and influencers like those seen below, some of the biggest artists and records would not have seen the light of day. Salute to all of the influencers and tastemakers…


DJ Pain1

Klassik CEO

DJ Jazzybeatz

DJ Pynk Dyamond

DJ P-Money

KT tha Don

Terry Tabb (Hot 91.1)

DJ Manniefaces

DJ Boogie

DJ Fontain

DJ Punch317

Ms. Uniqueness


DJ D Smoove

DJ J Dot

DJ Ptch Blaq

Ms. Ambitious

DJ Standuhman

DJ Tequila

DJ Earl E

Dboy Jackson

A.J. Throwback

DJ Mark

DJ Steve McFreak

DJ Matrix

Pearl Rojo

Fiya Chick