Still Love You

Based on a true story, Still Love You tells the story of the challenges a young couple faces both before and after cancer devastates their lives.

Still Love You Origins

In March of 2021, my wife was diagnosed with what we thought was Stage 1 breast cancer. After undergoing a double mastectomy, it was revealed that she was actually closer to Stage 3. We were also informed that she was HER-2 positive and that the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes which required her to endure several forms of chemotherapy as well as radiation causing her to lose all of her hair and nails. This left her in a state of deep depression. In an attempt to strengthen and uplift her spirit, I decided to write a song for her which later became known as Still Love You.

As a hip hop artist, writing a love song was outside of my norm which is why I recruited the help of 4x platinum producer DJPain1 and R&B singer Traxx Sanders to assist me with creating this piece. My wife was so happy after hearing the song that it inspired me to write a treatment for a potential music video. Being that I’ve never directed a music video before, I enlisted the help of Sergio Lorenzana and Christian Maiko and together, we created the Still Love You music video that you see today. I sincerely hope that this video and our story can encourage others who are battling cancer to fight the good fight. – A Ali


My name is Alexander Ali. I’m a songwriter, screenwriter, mix and recording engineer from Portsmouth, Virginia. As a 10+ year cancer survivor, I’ve learned that life is too precious to waste. Because of that, I believe that we should all take the time to do what makes us feel happy and fulfilled. Creating music has filled that void for me. I write original Hip Hop and R&B songs based on my rollercoaster of a life. I’ve seen and endured a lot so I feel obligated to share my thoughts, feelings and artistry with the world.


Since its release, Still Love You has garnered well over 50k streams on Spotify alone causing our number of monthly listeners to go from a mere 54 to over 1000 in a relatively short amount of time. Meanwhile, the Still Love You music video is sitting at over 11k views and growing. The Still Love You music video has also been showcased at the Seven Cities Showcase and has been submitted to other festivals such as RIFF, Bronze Lens, Bend, Holly Shorts and many more. 

Other achievements include…

– Being listed as one of the hottest up and coming artists on the east coast courtesy of the Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) owned publication,ThisIs50.

– Charting #7 on the DRT Global Hot 150 Independent Airplay Chart in 2021

– The successful release of The Fast Life, a project celebrating 20 years of the Fast & Furious franchise which led to over 250k views on YouTube.  

– Interviews with publications such as the Richmond Times-Dispatch and 24 Hip Hop.   

– Sync placement and acting credits in the Virginia produced film entitled Sucker For Love which is currently on Amazon, Tubi and other streaming platforms.








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