Artist Development

What is artist development? 

Artist development is the act of developing the sound and look of an artist to prepare them for the industry. A lot goes into developing an artist which is why most labels (both major and independent) no longer accept artists who aren’t already established. In today’s world, if you don’t already have a following, specific sound, songs professionally mixed and mastered that are heavily promoted or on regular rotation…9 times out of 10 that label is going to ignore your request to have your music reviewed aka “the silent treatment.”

This is where we come into play…

If you seriously want to get ready for the big game, this is the best way to go about it. What we do is…

1.) Develop Your Sound: By critiquing each song on your project (album) in detail to give your music the best chance possible of being heard by A&Rs and other industry professionals.

2.) Professionally Handle Your Mix & Masters: By doing so, this gives your music the cleanest sound possible so that each song on your project can compete with the heavy hitters. 

3.) Work On Your Image: Granted, you may already know how you want your image to be but, it’s wise to have alternative looks available. Sometimes standing out is the key to unlocking the door to success. It’s all a part of being versatile and in this industry, versatility is KING!! 

4.) We Line You Up With Interviews and Magazine Placements: To put you in the eye of the industry. Once you’ve seen an artist in more than one, or two or three major publications, fans and industry professionals alike begin to wonder why? Why am I seeing this artist everywhere? Who are they? What makes them special? 

5.) We Promote Your Music For 90 Days: 3 months of promotion can do a lot especially when promoted correctly and through the right channels. Our network of promoters are ready to assist you and ensure that your music is heard by a wider audience. 

6.) Stage Presence: If you’re a performing artist, this part of the process is key. With P&M, you’ll have someone by your side to ensure that you’re working the stage in a meaningful and professional way. It’s not easy making new fans and followers but, by delivering a 5-star performance…you’ll do just that.  

7.) Playlist Submissions: This is pretty self explanatory but we will submit your music to curators who are serious about growing their channels with fresh, new content. By submitting your music to curators, it makes your brand more visible thus attracting more fans to your music. 

8.) Distribution: We walk you through the entire process of distributing your song to a wider audience. We’ve worked with distributors like DistroKid and Tunecore but are always looking to add new partners to our array of network professionals. Together, we will make your release a day that is truly special.

Are YOU ready for the big leagues? If so…Let’s Work!

Let’s Get Started…