Custom Merchandise

You have a potential hit single, your cover art is done, music video is in development, your website is on the way…not to mention that you’re killing your interviews along with your magazine placements.  So what’s the next step?

Naturally, you want to have some merch available for fans to purchase and take home. Depending on what stage you’re in, you may want to start with T-Shirts or hoodies or even caps. Either way, we can assist you by creating custom designs that clearly define your brand, and then have them attached to your merch to further solidify your standing with fans and industry professionals alike. 

Our designers DO NOT use stock images so if we make a design for your brand, rest assured knowing that it will be made for you and YOU ONLY! Simply contact us by clicking the link below and let’s create some stylish, exclusive merch for all to see. Afterwards, we add your logos and designs to your gear and its game time! 

YOU chose the type and quantity. Afterwards, leave the rest to us. (non-specified)

Let’s Get Started…