Graphic Design

Have you ever gone song searching? I’m sure you have…especially on days you’re bored out of your mind right? During that search, you’re usually scrolling through different album or single covers on the hunt for something that looks interesting. Once you find that “one,” you click it in hopes of listening to something that inspires you or lightens the mood. Sometimes it’s a hit and miss but for artist with really good music to go with amazing visual art…it’s safe to say that those are the artists that stand a good chance of having their music shared with a wider audience. 

Art is subjective and this is your baby so we get it. No matter what it is…cover art, custom logos, unique designs; they will all be handled with care here at P&M. Remember, if it doesn’t catch the eye, it’s going to get skipped or passed on. 

Don’t get passed on!

Click the link below and let’s get started on creating that beautiful album or single cover design today! (non-specified)

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