Growth & Promotion

So you’ve made your first hit. Your friends and family are telling you this is the one. You release the song on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and many other streaming services and you’re constantly telling everyone to follow you on the biggest site(s) to promote your music and build your following which is Instagram (for the most part) but your number of followers isn’t going anywhere. Surely, after a month of promoting this song (which is insanely hot), your followers should have increased some but why is the growth so slow? 

Simple answer…you’re not visible. This goes deeper than algorithms and even the music itself. This is about one thing (or lack thereof) …being seen. 

Who’s going to listen to you if you can’t be found? 

The mentality of most artists are “I’m right here…come and get me” but to the average listener, if you’re not on Billboard already, not many people are going to give you the time of day which is why we’ve created a unique system to build your following organically. When we say organically, we do not flood your page with bots to give off the appearance of having fans. We partner with promoters who are in positions to display YOUR MUSIC to a larger audience which impart builds demand for your music and helps you grow your following. 

Simply put, give us your song (mp3) and let us grow your page. It’s that simple. Though we can not guarantee the exact amount of new followers you will gain due to the fact that song & mix quality and your targeted market are key contributing factors in growing a fan-base but, there’s a market for everyone.  

Try us for a month and if you don’t see any growth, we’ll gladly issue a refund. With that said…what do you have to lose? (5-10 Business Days)

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