Magazine Features & Interviews

Your song is hot. Your following is starting to grow and more people are starting to take notice of your artistry. Now’s the time to let the world see you in your element and one of the best ways of doing that is by doing interviews and lining up magazine placements. The importance of having placements lined-up is that it leaves a digital footprint of both where you’ve been and where you’re about to go. 

Magazine placements and interviews are key to maintaining your standing in the industry because it doesn’t just show your fans the progress you’re making but it also shows your human side while giving you an opportunity to gain new followers. Though interviews can be a double-edged sword, if your music is hot, chances are you’re going to go into each interview with the confidence needed to quiet any naysayers.

With that being said, you want to make sure that you’re featured in publications that can help raise awareness of your artistry and push your brand to new heights. Let us point you in the right direction and get you in front of the RIGHT people. People that want to help you grow and flourish as opposed to seeing you torn down. (non-specified) 

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