Mixing & Mastering

After meeting with 5-10 different producers, you’ve finally found the perfect beat for your next hit. You wrote the song and the lyrics are amazing. Now, you have to make sure your mix is on-point because if it’s not…the entire world will hear it and that’s not a good feeling. Also, most recording studios are not capable of professionally mastering a song while others will NOT master a song if the mix sounds less than stellar. 

Yes, a mastering studio will REJECT your work if it doesn’t sound ready and will often send it back to the artist …that’s if you’re lucky. Meanwhile, you have others that will master your song despite knowing the many issues with the mix in order to make a quick buck. Here at P&M, we understand the importance of making a good first impression which is why we professionally mix each song until the mix itself sounds close to being mastered. Next, we professionally master your song so that it can compete on the market. 

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