Music Video (shooting script)

What’s the difference between a spec screenplay and a shooting script? We get this question a lot but it’s simple. A spec is a screenplay that conveys a story which includes locations, dialog, and a clear beginning and ending point. A shooting script (on the other hand) is a screenplay that is filled with specific camera angles to describe how you’d like the audience to view each scene. Basically, shooting scripts are to assist the person directing your film or video in order to deliver YOUR VISION accurately. Shooting scripts are actually a bit more descriptive in how the characters move, what they’re wearing, etc. 

Shooting scripts require quite a bit of work due to the sheer amount of time it takes to visualize each angle and then translate it into text that is easy to follow. THE WORST thing you can do is hand a serious director a poorly written script. If you’re going to invest enough in yourself to create a video based on one of your songs, at least give the video a chance by making sure everything is done the correct way. 

Shooting scripts are essential to making great videos so please…even if it’s not with us, have someone write a decent shooting script for you. You’ll thanks us later.

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