Full-Length Feature Screenplay (shooting script)

This service is for those who are ready to start their journey in filming. And with a shooting script written by us, you’ll be ready to do just that. Much like our Music Video (shooting script) service, our full-length feature shooting scripts are written with specific camera angles and easy to follow directions of how you want the audience to view each scene. By doing so, it makes life a lot easier for the director as well as all parties involved. 

As mentioned above, shooting scripts are a lot more descriptive than your typical spec. They are in-fact designed to assist the film maker in making the writer’s vision a reality.

Shooting scripts require quite a bit more work due to the sheer amount of time it takes to visualize each angle and then translate it into text. THE WORST thing you can do is hand a serious director a poorly written script of any kind. This is why we thoroughly go over your spec while checking your plot, dialogue, and descriptive text as we work our way down to the conclusion of your feature. Afterwards (and only after), we convert the spec into a true shooting script ready to be tackled by the heavy hitters.

Once again, shooting scripts are “essential” to making great videos and great cinema so please, let us help you bring your vision to life…the right way. (non-specified)

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